Photography, for me, is about seeing who you are through my lens. I want to capture your spirit, to celebrate your beauty, to help you share the special people and times in your life. My aim is to capture the love, the joy and the fun!

I will give you the gift of time, listen to you and then melt into the background so that I can take images for you of your precious memories.

I love working in black and white and I know that colour is the only way to show a baby girl’s amazing blue eyes. I love working with all ages, from newborns to grandparents and I love listening to you, so that I can take the photographs you may not even know you want!

I love exploring new horizons in photography and have recently formed an alliance with the DVA Theatre Group, Bundoora to catch the spirit of the group. So, if you have something a little different mind, let’s talk!

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